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Tradebit Client
Tradebit Client beta win-1.1 Tradebit Client beta win-1.1 downloads: 3247 | type: exe | size: 1 MB

Updated February 21st version - the improved Sunday release...

Windows version with the Tradebit Client. Tested under Win7 and Vista. To install: just start the EXE and choose a destination. Change into the directory and double-click the program. No installation of additional files required.

Gives you the possibility to download your purchases and search for files to buy...

Tradebit Client beta mac-1.1 Tradebit Client beta mac-1.1 downloads: 1164 | type: tar | size: 5 MB

The new and updated beta for Mac OSX is out... Now with a dock icon and it really quits when you end it! Improved Sunday release - 21st of February 2010!

OS X on Intel Version of the Tradebit Client. Since we develop under Windows and port it to OS X, this Mac version is a bit more buggy than the Win version, yet it still gives you BULK download access to your files bought on

To install it: unpack the TAR file and let your OS X execute the contained application. We will continue to update this early beta