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All downloads from are spyware-free development versions. We respect your privacy. We do not steal any data nor transmit or monitor your virtual life!
The Tradebit Download Client gives you easy access to your music, font, video or software you purchased on We offer a Windows and Mac OS X version for you to test around and also the RealBasic source code!

Tradebit Client
Tradebit Client Win-1.3 Tradebit Client Win-1.3 downloads: 32509 | type: zip | size: 2 MB

Updated Download Client Version 1.3

The Tradebit Media and Download Fonts Client

Search and download your favourite media files. From repair manuals to the latest chart songs! Instant access after payment with paypal!

  • Helps with finding downloads you bought on
  • Securely download the purchased files
  • Search and find files quickly

This program is virus free, Open Source software for maximum fun and speed!

There is a PAD file online: Tradebit Client PAD file!

Tradebit Client beta mac-1.21 Tradebit Client beta mac-1.21 downloads: 15433 | type: tar | size: 6 MB

Updated version for Intel Macs with OS-X - now in Version 1.21

Comes with the dock icon and really quits on exit. Updated in January 2010 with the download bug fixed.

Open Source Goodies
RealBasic Release 2010.r2.1 Project Source (Example) RealBasic Release 2010.r2.1 Project Source (Example) downloads: 11523 | type: zip | size: 201 kB

Here is the complete Version 1.1 beta release project of our Tradebit Client. It has some good examples for affiliates, some easy to understand parts of RealBasic coding and if you want to tinker with it: be our guest. Maybe you have a good idea of what to do with it or you want to improve it? Get in touch with us!

Tradebit Hills WebsiteBaker Template Tradebit Hills WebsiteBaker Template downloads: 18623 | type: zip | size: 321 kB

This is our free template for the cool Website Baker 2.8x content management system (CMS). This system also powers this site and is a VERY SIMPLE and clean content management system that you can download for free here and which works on Windows and Linux servers with MySQL as a backend system.

Tradebit Wordpress Plugin 3.0 Tradebit Wordpress Plugin 3.0 downloads: 22713 | type: zip | size: 189 kB

This plugin for Wordpress 2.7 or newer integrates your Tradebit shop with your Wordpress blog. The plugin is released under the GPLv2 and the guidelines of the community for adding plugins! See the Detail-Page With Video for more information about the plugin and a video demo of the plugin!

WDF*IDF example calculation in Excel WDF*IDF example calculation in Excel downloads: 1554 | type: xlsx | size: 12 kB

 A little example calculation for the "advanced" keyword density nowadays used to calculate the importance of a document for a specific keyword. Inspired by a discussion on Facebook with the German SEO Karl Kratz.